Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do you have an overabundance of cucumbers in your garden, and can't possibly can another jar of pickles or relish? (no matter how good or delish?)

Try this.

Dehydrate cucumbers.  Not for eating,(ew-trust me, I tried) but there have myriad other uses. To dehydrate, cut into slices no less than 1/4 in. thick (thinner will make them brittle, and you won't even be able to get them out of the dehydrator.)

Once cukes are completely dried out (not leather stage but the is-this-a-cuke-or-a-rock stage) and in either a very good blender, or a coffee mill (or coffee mill used as a spice mill) grind them up until they are cucumber dust.  you can do a number of things from here.

Cucumber facial:

tbs. cucumber
tbs. oatmeal flour (you can grind this yourself too)
couple drops of honey

Mix with hot water to make a paste, apply and leave on skin for 10 minutes, then wash off.

Cucumber facial scrub:

1 tbs. cucumber
2 tbs salt (pickling, fine kosher, fine sea...just not morton's table salt, okay?)
(if you have dry skin, you can add a few drops of oil. It will be pastier, but that's okay. A few drops of vinegar helps if you have oily skin)

dip a damp facecloth into the mixture, and gently rub your face clean.  

You can also add it to dips or salad dressings.

I haven't tried adding it to my soaps, but I'd be curious how it would work!

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